Introducing...VAL JONES
"It is so crazy how many women have similar experiences, these things we carry with us that we never talk about. They shape us, but we are not defined by them. And, I thought I was alone." 

"I read the preview chapter walking to heat up my lunch.  I was like "it is over already!!!" I was so into it, I loved it and can't wait to read the rest."

"I just finished the preview and did not want to stop reading.  Your choice of words and flow of events were captivating.  You poured yourself into this book and the time you took to create such a masterpiece is evident.  I love the incorporation of scripture in the beginning and you've got me really hungry for more :) "

"I read the teaser...loved it and it left me wanting to read more."

"The book is a very good read. I really enjoyed the melodic flow. Thanks for sharing a part of you with the world."

​val jones